mg -- micro emacs

mg is an Emacs clone. Well, it's more minimal, it doesn't have any scripting language etc, but it has mostly the same keybindings as Emacs. Having it in base on OpenBSD is a Godsent.

set-fill-column 72

Set some defaults. `meta-key-mode' in particular is incredibly helpful because it allows to enter non-ASCII characters. mg still doesn't know how to render those (so you get "\303\250" instead of รจ), but at least you can input them!


I don't like to have the whole filesystem dirtied by all those backup files. This moves them in ~/.mg.d in case I need them.

define-key compile "n" next-line
define-key compile "p" previous-line
define-key compile "q" delete-window

Mg doesn't have many (any?) keybindings defined in compile-mode. This turns it into something that resambles Emacs a bit more and it's handier.

global-set-key "\^cm" compile
global-set-key "\eg\eg" goto-line

compile is handy to have and while here bind "M-g M-g" to goto-line, just as in Emacs.

global-set-key "\eZ" zap-up-to-char

Handier than zap-to-char (M-z) most of the times.

auto-execute * electric-pair-mode

Something I'm working on...

auto-execute *.[ch] c-mode
auto-execute *.[ch] auto-fill-mode

auto-execute README* auto-fill-mode
auto-execute *.txt auto-fill-mode
auto-execute *.md auto-fill-mode
auto-execute *.[1-9] auto-fill-mode

auto-execute * auto-indent-mode

`auto-execute' is similar to add-hook. Set some default stuff for files matching those patterns.