calm window manager

The calm window manager, cwm for short, is my favourite window manager. It's *the* window manager that convinced me that using a floating window manager was actually worth it.

My configuration is unusually long.

First I have a list of applications for the built-in menu:

command emacsclient	"emacsclient -c"
command firefox		firefox
command gimp		gimp
command godot		godot
command inkscape	inkscape
command iridium		iridium
command keepassxc	keepassxc
command lock		xlock
command term		myterm

I found these color by random I guess, but they're fine

color activeborder "#0abeff"
color inactiveborder "#777"

set a decently-sized border around every window

borderwidth 2

I've started to use cwm without "sticky" tags. Enabling the sticky mode makes cwm behave like other windows managers with "tags" (or "workspaces".) Without sticky tags, you can decide with more granularly which window to show and which not.

# sticky yes

I also prefer to "snap" windows close to the edges

snapdist 5

I don't want to give focus to some applications via alt-tab

ignore sshmenu
ignore stalonetray
ignore stats
ignore termbar
ignore xclock
ignore xconsole
ignore Catclock
ignore "Speedbar 1.0"

autogroup does what it seems: it automatically moves some windows in a specific group (aka workspace.) The group 0 is sticky across all groups

autogroup 0 XClock
autogroup 0 Catclock
autogroup 0 XConsole
autogroup 0 sshmenu,Xmessage
autogroup 0 stalonetray
autogroup 0 stats
autogroup 0 termbar
autogroup 2 Firefox
autogroup 3 Gajim
autogroup 3 TelegramDesktop

Most cwm keybindings use `alt' which conflicts with emacs. So I unbind everything and re-bind most of the keys on the mod4 (super) key

unbind-key all

bind-key 4-Tab group-last
bind-mouse C-3 menu-exec-wm
bind-key C4-slash menu-window

control the playback

bind-key XF86AudioPrev "amused prev"
bind-key XF86AudioNext "amused next"
bind-key XF86AudioPlay "amused toggle"
bind-key XF86AudioStop "amused stop"

"gamemode" swiches the keyboard from my custom dvp-eu to an us querty and vice-versa, and the mouse buttons too. it's useful when playing some games, hence the name, or when in need to share the keyboard with someone else.

bind-key 4-F5 "gamemode"

I don't have a dedicated key for screenshot on this machine, but Scroll_Lock is not too awkward to press

bind-key 4-Scroll_Lock	"sshot -c"
bind-key 4S-Scroll_Lock	"sshot -cs"

manage the notifications

bind-key 4-space "pkill -SIGUSR1 xnotify"

basics window movements

bind-key 4-h window-move-left
bind-key 4-j window-move-down
bind-key 4-k window-move-up
bind-key 4-l window-move-right

bind-key S4-h window-move-left-big
bind-key S4-j window-move-down-big
bind-key S4-k window-move-up-big
bind-key S4-l window-move-right-big

bind-key C4-h window-resize-left
bind-key C4-j window-resize-down
bind-key C4-k window-resize-up
bind-key C4-l window-resize-right

bind-key CS4-h window-resize-left-big
bind-key CS4-j window-resize-down-big
bind-key CS4-k window-resize-up-big
bind-key CS4-l window-resize-right-big

bind-key 4-greater window-raise
bind-key 4-less    window-lower

bind-key 4-Return window-hide
bind-key C4-x window-close
bind-key C4-c window-close

bind-key 4-slash menu

bind-key CM-Return myterm
bind-key C4-Return "emacsclient -c"
bind-key CS4-Return "env SHELL=rc 9term"

bind-key M-Tab window-cycle
bind-key MS-Tab window-rcycle

bind-key 4-f window-maximize
bind-key C4S-v window-vmaximize
bind-key C4S-w window-hmaximize

htile 0
vtile 0
bind-key 4-w window-htile
bind-key 4-v window-vtile

bind-key C4S-q quit

I'm using a custom keyboard layout based on the dvorak-programmer. Thus, the upper row is not numbers, but symbols!

# & { [ ( = + ) ] }
bind-key 4-ampersand            group-toggle-1
bind-key 4-braceleft            group-toggle-2
bind-key 4-bracketleft          group-toggle-3
bind-key 4-parenleft            group-toggle-4
bind-key 4-equal                group-toggle-5
bind-key 4-plus                 group-toggle-6
bind-key 4-parenright           group-toggle-7
bind-key 4-bracketright         group-toggle-8
bind-key 4-braceright           group-toggle-9

move with shift

bind-key S4-ampersand           window-movetogroup-1
bind-key S4-braceleft           window-movetogroup-2
bind-key S4-bracketleft         window-movetogroup-3
bind-key S4-parenleft           window-movetogroup-4
bind-key S4-equal               window-movetogroup-5
bind-key S4-plus                window-movetogroup-6
bind-key S4-parenright          window-movetogroup-7
bind-key S4-bracketright        window-movetogroup-8
bind-key S4-braceright          window-movetogroup-9
bind-key S4-exclam              window-movetogroup-0

mouse bindings

bind-mouse 4-1  window-move
bind-mouse 4-3  window-resize