NOte Find

A simple script to filter notes with fzf and open them in mg(1).

cd ~/notes || exit 1

I store all the notes here, but die quickly should that directory not exists.

grep '^# ' * | \
	sed -e 's/:# / | /1' | \
	fzf --tac --multi --layout=reverse \
		--preview "echo {} | sed 's/ .*//g' | xargs cat" | \
	while read l; do
		xargs -o mg -- "${l%% *}" </dev/null;

I prefer this over binding enter in fzf. `xargs -o' re-opens /dev/tty so mg works.

The fancy `${l%% *}' thingy is just to select only the filename (i.e. everything until the first space) and discard the rest of the line (the title.)